XtremeLabs is committed to enhancing users’ experience. We have adopted user experience as the guiding force for improvements and enhancements, allowing us to make changes based on experiential learning practices. XtremeLabs has recently released several new features, which include the following:

  1. Release Notification Pop-ups
  2. Request New Features
  3. Update History
  4. Fun Facts
  5. Lab Tiles (Progress Status)
  6. Classroom Name (Editable)


Release Notification Pop-up

A new notification feature has been incorporated in the XtremeLabs’ User Interface (UI). The notification pop-up is displayed to the users when they access the XtremeLabs login page (https://labs.xtremelabs.io/). This feature has the following pop-up menus.

  • Pre-Release Notification Pop-up (Coming Soon Reminder)

Users are provided with reminders of any features/bugs (platform updates)  impending release.

  • Post-Release Notification Pop-up (Latest updates Reminder)

Users are provided with reminders of the latest features/bugs (platform updates) that have already been released, including release dates.  Users can click on any feature/bug to read more details about the released platform updates.


Request a new Feature

XtremeLabs now allows its users to request new features/improvements in XtremeLabs UI to make their learning experience more effective. The Add Feature Request option is available through the pre-and post-release pop-up notifications

By clicking on the Add a Feature Request link, users are shown the following feature request submission form:

The comprehensive New Feature Request Form allows the users to provide a detailed description of the proposed feature and attach screenshots for reference. This feature allows the users to contact XtremeLabs’ teams via New Feature Request Form directly.


Update History

Users can access the history of all released features/improvements of the XtremeLabs UI by clicking on the Update History link on the post-release pop-up notification. The page is refreshed every three months to show the most updated information to users about the most recently released features/improvements of the XtremeLabs UI.

Users can also access the Update History page from the account portal by clicking on the What’s New option on the top right side of the account portal.

The What’s New page contains the latest blog post preview and Platform Updates tabs. Users can access the Update History page by clicking on the Platform Updates button adjacent to the Blog button.


Fun Facts

XtremeLabs has added numerous exciting, fun facts for users to enjoy while waiting for their lab to load. Lab users are now able to see new fun facts after every 5-7 second duration.

Lab Tiles (Progress Status)

Users can now view a quick overview of their lab progress from the account portal without launching the lab. The lab tiles will display the following status to the users:

  • Completed
  • Completed and Relaunched
  • In Progress (XX% Completed)
  • Not Initiated

Classroom Name (Editable)

Administrators and instructors can now edit their classroom names from the classroom details page.

To learn more about these changes and how you can use our labs to learn on demand, view our updated user guides.

  • Student User Guide
  • Administrator User Guide
  • Instructor User Guide


For more information about these updates and features or to schedule a demo, contact our Sales Team. Stay tuned for all our future updates!