A Window for Radical Transparency

One of the five core values at XtremeLabs is “No Fine Print.” This means that we strive to bring transparency to our customers and seek to educate our users to provide the best lab experience possible. XtremeLabs has launched our real-time Service Status page, a dashboard tool, that conveys information about the status of our platform, historic downtime, and scheduled maintenance announcements. This page can be accessed at http://status.xtremelabs.io/ as well as from the footer of our website (under Resources) and can be viewed via any web browser.

Components of the Service status Page

Our team maintains this page with live status notifications and updates whenever the state of a network component changes.

Below are the components:


Component Summary

This is a quick overview of the operational efficiency of our Labs environment.

Component Status History

Our lab environment’s functionality falls under one of the following six categories:

  • Operational
  • Monitoring Suspended
  • Under maintenance
  • Degraded Performance
  • Partial Outage
  • Major Outage

This status is determined by the level of severity of any platform issue or outage and is updated in real time.


Upcoming Maintenance

This component shows updates about any current and potential maintenance windows.

Service Status Subscription

If you are interested in receiving notifications about our maintenance windows or changes in platform status, you can subscribe to our updates by clicking on the “subscribe” button at the top right of the page.

Please contact our Sales Team for further information. As always, we welcome your thoughts!