In the past couple of weeks, hundreds of instructors in the XtremeLabs community received Certified XtremeLabs Instructor badges. If you have not received a badge yet but have taught a class with our labs in the past year, please bear with us! We are scheduling the next badge rollout for this week.

The response has been extremely positive so far and moving forward, we are planning a monthly badge email. If you have any questions or want to check if you are on our list, please do not hesitate to reach out to

As you may already know, XtremeLabs offers several different features to instructors using our digital learning labs to assist in managing classroom environments.

Manage Student Access Codes

Instructors can view and reassign access codes form the Manage Classrooms tab.

If a student has inadvertently redeemed the wrong code, Instructors can reassign their access code to the proper student account. Click on the Reassign this code button and the following will pop-up. Input the correct student email address.

Session Sharing

To better assist students with working through the labs, instructors can also view and control active student labs. If a student is currently in an active lab, the lab name and lab instance ID will appear in green in the Active Lab (Lab Instance ID) column.

To view the student’s screen, click on the Active Lab text link. The student’s screen will then be presented in a new tab of the browser.


Control of the Student’s lab is shared so instructors can walk the student through any problems they may encounter.


View Student Screenshots

Instructors also have access to view all student Generated Screenshots for any active labs within the manage classrooms menu in the lab’s portal under the ACTIVE LAB tab. It can save time and allow instructors to better assist students without having to launch student’s lab to track their activities.

Cloud File Sharing

Instructors can now share files with their students from the Classroom Details menu in the Manage Classroom option. On the right side of the Classroom details window, there is an Add file sharing button.

Instructors can choose from any of the file sharing services such as Google DriveOneDriveDropbox etc. all of which are supported by XtremeLabs.

Instructors will then need to Generate and Paste a Cloud file sharing link in that chosen application.

Once created, the Cloud files will be accessed by the Students. Students will see a File Sharing button under the VM Operations tab. Students can access the shared files and folders by simply clicking on the File Sharing button. By clicking on the File Sharing button, A separate window will appear before the students, allowing them to see files already shared by their respective instructors.

Cloud Meeting

As an Instructor you can set up virtual meetings with your students from the Classroom Details menu in the Manage Classroom option. On the left side of the Classroom details window, there is an Add Meeting button. When instructors click on that link they will be able to paste the course meeting link.

XtremeLabs is continuously updating our lab environment and adding new instructor features. To receive up to date information, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter or sign up for our monthly Newsletters (Bottom of the homepage).