On March 19, 2022, XtremeLabs participated in a virtual Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT) meeting in Pakistan. XtremeLabs aims to build its MCT community by participating in and organizing MCT events. We believe that MCTs play a crucial role in uplifting the technology industry, and their contribution is vital to the future of the IT industry. MCT Community Pakistan organizes a quarterly meeting for MCTs to increase engagement among a diverse group of MCTs. MCT Regional Leads Pakistan, Gulnaz Mushtaq and Usman Lodhi invited XtremeLabs to speak at the MCT Meeting on March 19, 2022.

XtremeLabs Senior Support and Infrastructure Engineer and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Rehan Majeed, was a speaker at the MCT Meeting Pakistan. His speaking session focused on informing the MCTs about the hundreds of hands-on digital labs available to all MCTs as part of their MCT readiness program.

Here are a few main points which were covered during the MCT meeting:

  1. MCT Program Benefits and Tools
  2. Microsoft Upcoming Beta Exams
  3. New/modified Microsoft Certifications (Retired and New Courses)
  4. Microsoft Certification Learning Path (Fundamentals to Expert Level)
  5. Renewal of MCT Certification Process
  6. Discussion about Metrics That Matter (MTM)
  7. XtremeLabs Introduction & demonstration
  8. XtremeLabs MCT Lab Preparation and training benefits

XtremeLabs is looking forward to organizing, participating, and attending MCT meetings throughout the year to fulfill the knowledge and interaction gap with its MCT community. Our MCT Community Insights Webinar (March 22) aimed to bring together its community of MCTs, practitioners, learners, professionals, and teachers around the globe. If you were unable to attend our webinar, check out our website for the recorded sessions.

For information about XtremeLabs events, please contact our Events Team!