We can’t believe that our second annual conference, eXL 2022: Experiential Learning for All, is over.  eXL 2022 took place over July 26-28. We learned so much from our amazing technology, academic, and industry experts. Thanks to all the speakers, panelists, attendees, and XtremeLabs staff that made this event a success.

For three days, we heard from fantastic speakers and presenters who are thought leaders from around the world. They provided insight on a variety of topics, including:

  • Experiential Learning for Older Adults: Challenges and Opportunities Ahead
  • The Role of Virtualization in an Organization
  • Preparing Multimedia Experiences for Learners
  • Best Resources for Technologists and Technology Trainers
  • Modernizing the US Army’s IT Workforce through Experiential Learning
  • Effective Teaching Tips for Online Experiential Learning; Designing Thoughtful Classroom Experiences
  • The Use of Microsoft XtremeLabs with AI to Optimize the Learner Experience
  • Bridging the Gap: Technical Content that Succeeds in the Marketplace
  • Designing 2022 Cybersecurity Talent Development Roadmap
  • Experiential Learning: The Future of Digital Asset Management in Higher Education
  • Make Your Technical Topic a Problem-Solving Story Thriller
  • Future Ready Skills
  • Effective Agile Teams and Leadership with SAFe Framework
  • Learning the Art of Cognitive Quiet
  • Artificial Intelligence and its Applications: Case Studies from the Public and Private Sectors

eXL 2022 featured three panel sessions discussing Cybersecurity and Approaches to Training, The Role of Technology in Career-focused Academic Learning, and The Future of Learning: Industry and Research Perspectives. Industry experts provided insight and answered questions regarding current and upcoming certification releases for VMware, CompTIA, and AWS Learning Paths. At the end of each day, attendees and presenters were provided the opportunity to join our networking sessions to share their experiences, insights, and tips/tricks.

“It was an honor to host so many distinguished speakers at eXL this year. I took lots of notes and look forward to sharing the recordings with those who couldn’t make it. I want to give a big, heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined us this year!” – Judy Zhang, Director of Product Management at XtremeLabs. Judy opened up the three-day conference with an introduction to XtremeLabs and the five core values that employees strive for. She also held a demo lab session where she went over some of the key features located in the digital learning labs platform. Ahmar Abbas, CEO of XtremeLabs, kicked off the second day with a session on MS Learn Integration updates and how they work.

If you were unable to attend eXL 2022 or would like to access the session recording, check back on the eXL 2022 page on our website. Whether you attended eXL 2022 or have watched one of our recorded sessions, we would love your feedback. Anything you share with us on our Attendees Survey will help us to improve our events in the future.

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