XtremeLabs understands how important it is for instructors to be able to communicate easily and quickly with students in a virtual classroom. We’re leveraging a live chat solution to the classroom for enhancing the learning experience of our users. XtremeLabs has released a classroom chat feature that strengthens the live conversational process within the lab UI and account portal. Instructors and administrators can now hold real-time conversations with their students. This feature enables the students to have their questions answered by their instructors from within the lab environment. The classroom chat feature allows the following functionalities for users:

  • Real-time notification for classroom chat in the Account Portal/Lab UI
  • The appearance of the latest classroom chat in Account Portal
  • Ability to hide/unhide the chat window
  • Details of instructors/students joining
  • Instructor’s ability to view chat history of students

This feature allows students to have personalized learning communication with their instructors while having an experiential learning experience. For now, instructors may communicate to their students and students may chat back to their instructors, but students do not have direct access to chat with each other. Coming up will be the ability for instructors to choose how students interact with each other within their classrooms.

Please note that this chat feature is separate from the support chat feature, which allows users to access technical lab support from the XtremeLabs support team.

1. Classroom Chat in Account Portal

The classroom chat feature will be visible to the users after redeeming their lab access codes in the account portal (https://labs.xtremelabs.io/)

2. Classroom Chat in Lab UI

The users will use the classroom chat functionality while working within their Labs UI by launching their respective labs.

3. Multiple Classrooms

Having multiple classrooms running simultaneously, users will be allowed to see the latest classroom chat option in the account portal, and other classroom chats can be accessed via Lab UI. This functionality enables the users to manage their multiple classroom chats while having access to them separately.

4. Classroom Chat History

Instructors and administrators can access the classroom chat history by clicking on the manage classroom page in the account portal. On the classroom details page, there is an option for viewing the classroom chat history.

By clicking on the Show button, users can access the classroom chat history pop-up window.

The classroom chat history remains available for the duration of each classroom. The instructors can easily track the conversation of their active students working in the lab by accessing the classroom chat history. It provides a quick glimpse of ongoing student activities in the lab without launching the lab and tracking students’ progress.

5. Classroom Chat Pop-ups

This feature provides real-time notifications to the instructor when a new student enters the classroom by redeeming their access codes. The student then becomes part of the classroom and can access classroom chat history to get an idea about active students.

6. Classroom Chat window on different pages

The classroom chat window is available on all pages of the account portal. This functionality allows the users to stay connected with their classroom without accessing it from a specific location. Users need to switch between different pages of the account portal, so this functionality allows them to access the classroom chat window from every page. It is accessible through the following pages:

  1. View Labs
  2. Access Codes
  3. History
  4. Manage Classroom
  5. Support
  6. FAQs

Examples are displayed below.

To learn more about these changes, view our updated user guides.

For more information about these updates and features or to schedule a demo, contact our Sales Team. Stay tuned for future updates!