XtremeLabs has recently released an exciting new lab feature which is called “Lab Notes”. Lab notes allows users to add and save noted to the lab modules. Users can add and view saved lab notes in both the lab environment and the account portal.


Lab Notes – Student View

The lab notes feature is available within the lab environment and can be accessed through the lab portal once saved. This feature allows the lab users to add, edit and save lab notes to each lab module for later use. The lab users can also save lab notes and share those with their instructors.


Lab Environment

The lab notes can be detached by clicking on the detach lab steps option to the right of the lab timer. Lab notes can be detached and moved to another screen or monitor to allow for more space on the screen for their VMs.

The VM screen adjusts automatically to its default screen resolution when users click on the Attach/Detach Lab Manual button.


Below is an example of what the detached lab notes look like.

Lab Notes – Instructor View

The instructors can access their students’ lab notes from the account portal under the classroom details page. This feature allows the instructor to keep track of their students’ notes in real time and provide them with the required instructions if needed.

Instructors can view each student’s lab notes individually.

To learn more about this feature or some of the other exciting new features we are working on, contact our Sales Team.