XtremeLabs was honored to have sponsored the European MCT Summit 2022, held last week (September 12-14) at Technopark – Zürich, Switzerland. The MCT Summit Europe 2022 is a global Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) conference. MCTs train thousands of system administrators, developers, ICT managers, and students annually. They have a significant influence on customer product choices and decision-making. This summit spanned three days and featured Conference Seminars across four technical and instructional skill tracks: Azure/Data Platform, Dynamics/Power Platform, Microsoft WWL Engagement, and Trainer Instructional Skills. The attendees came from 21 countries and were glad to be reunited at an in-person event after participating in virtual events due to the global pandemic.

The event was hosted by Charley Hanania, Marc Michault, Miriam Habib, and an army of wonderful volunteers that made everyone feel at home.


Here are some topics which were covered during the MCT Summit 2022:

  • Stephanie Jasmin, MCT Program Manager: MCT program: a look ahead
  • Tiago Costa: lessons learned teaching Azure with real implementations.
  • Caroline Obolensky:  who’s in your class?
  • Sara Fennah and Denise McLaughlin: what every trainer needs to know about office
  • Stephanie Jasmin and Liberty Munson: Ask the psychometrician anything


We are glad to sponsor this event and meet the Microsoft team and MCTs across the globe to have group discussions, networking, and one-to-one sessions. The event provided us with a great opportunity to leverage our strategies around the transformational shift in the IT industry. XtremeLabs has always been active in MCT engagement programs and efforts, and it was a great opportunity for us to engage with our MCT community and address their training needs accordingly. Our webinars, MCT meetups, and annual conferences are geared towards equipping our MCT community with the required information about the tools/benefits available to them as part of their lab prep, classroom teaching, and training. Our digital hands-on provides them and their students with the required experiential learning skills and tools.


Here are a few highlights of the event:

As part of our MCT engagement program, we are hosting our September MCT Meetup on Thursday, September 20 at 2 – 3 pm Eastern Time (ET). Register now to be a part of MCT meetup and hear from our amazing speaker Mr. Ricardo Cabral.


If you want to learn more about our upcoming events, please feel free to reach out to us at info@xtremealabs.io.